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2016 | General

Feb 19

Welcome To Our New Website

It's been a big year of change at Skydive Parys. We've been working hard to improve our operation with the addition of a new clubhouse, aircraft and now... website! Have a look around!

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Feb 12

Our New Aircraft – ZU-IHA

Apollo T will change the operations at Skydive Parys, with increased lift capacity/ decreased turnaround time/ 11 000 ft. AGL/ climb time approximately 10 - 12 minutes/ 8 - 9 pax.

» General

Feb 5

A Sneak Peek at Our New Clubhouse

As part of our new vision for Skydive Parys we would like to give you a sneak pre-view of what's happening in the near future with our new clubhouse.

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