Meet The Skydive Parys Team!

Skydive Parys’ staff and skydiving instructors are the best in the industry! Learn more about our awesome team and expert tandem skydiving instructors below. Our team of dedicated individuals work together to make sure your experience is the most thrilling one around!

Management Team

Chris Moller

Drop Zone Operator & CEO

Ratings: TI, JM
Jumps: Approx. 4000

Ground Team

Eddie Rabie

Rigger & Parachute Packer

Ratings: Sigma, Strong, Vector, Student, Sport
Jumps: 1200

Steve Carlos

Parachute Packer

Ratings: N/A
Jumps: 1

Stephan Jansen van Vuuren

Drop Zone Operator & CEO

Ratings: N/A
Jumps: 1

Jaco van der Westhuizen

DZ Ground Co-Ordinator

Ratings: N/A
Jumps: 3

Air Team

Corne Myburgh

Tandem & SL Instructor

Ratings: TI, Pro, SLI
Jumps: 6600

Stefan Griesel

Tandem Instructor

Ratings: TI
Jumps: 2800

Laurel Thatcher

Chief, Tandem & SL Instructor

Ratings: Pro, JM, SLI, TI, TE
Jumps: 7005

Jan Loedolff

Chief Pilot

Ratings: 7000 Flying Hours
Jumps: 0

JJ Conradie

Videographer & Packer

Ratings: C1848
Jumps: 734

Ilke Greef


Ratings: N/A
Jumps: N/A