Your Skydiving Questions Answered!

Interested in skydiving near Pretoria or Johannesburg? Have questions? No worries! We’ve got answers. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you arrive for your skydive, so we’ve compiled the answers to our guests’ most frequently asked questions here. If you have any additional questions or can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us- we’d be happy to speak with you!

Yes pre-booking is essential, we are very busy and do not want you to be disappointed if we are fully booked on the day.

We require you to be at the Drop Zone 1 hour before your jump time. You will fill in your indemnity form and have a 15min briefing before your jump. The flight to altitude takes around 20min. Once you have jumped out of the aircraft you will free fall for 25-30 seconds, then the parachute will open and you will be under canopy for 5-7 minutes. If you have taken the video and photos package please allow 30-45 minutes per person after your jump for us to edit your video.

Please wear comfortable shoes that will not fall off during free fall and casual clothing. Skydive Parys will supply you with jumps pants which you can out over your jean/shorts. It can get cold at altitude especially during winter so we suggest you bring a warm top with you.

Yes we have a weight limit. Minimum 35kg’s & Maximum 100kg’s. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You are required to lift your legs straight up in front of you for landing. So please insure you are physically able to do this. If you have any chronic health issues we recommend you consult with your doctor first before your Skydive or contact us to discuss your condition.

Young and old can participate in Skydiving as long as you are physically fit and healthy. We have a minumum age limit of 12 years old. No maximum age limit, although the elderly need to be healthy and physically able to perform a Skydive.

You will free fall at speeds of between 200-220km per hour.

Unfortunately we do not allow you to jump with your own Go Pro or camera. Safety first. In our experience cameras distract the Tandem passenger from performing the tasks required of them in the Skydive.

We will supply you with Skydive goggles that can go over glasses and contacts.

We have taken many people with disabilities and you should be able to Skydive with almost any disability. You would need to consult with your doctor first and our safety officer on the Drop Zone will decide if you can Skydive safely or not.

No the video is taken of each individual person. The Tandem master films his passenger only. We have seperation in the air for safety reasons, so can’t film the group at the same time.

Skydiving is weather dependent and safety is our first priority. We will assess weather conditions on the day and our safety officer will make the call on whether it is safe to jump or not. If you cannot skydive due to weather conditions we will reschedule you for another date and if you cannot for some reason reschedule we will refund you. Call us before you leave home if you are concerned about the weather on the day of your jump.

Yes we do have a credit card facility.

We do not allow you to bring your own drinks onto the premises. Skydive Parys has a Fully Licensed and stocked cash Bar. For your food requirements, Montgolfiers Restaurant is situated at our Drop Zone. Montgolfiers Restaurant +27 76 268 0461.

We try our best to run on time but please be aware that there are many factors which influence our Skydives running on time, such as Air traffic, weather, Aircraft technical issues etc.

In an unlikely event that the main parachute does not open properly there is a reserve parachute in the top of the container that is packed by a certified parachute rigger. All our parachutes are also equipped with an AAD (automatic activation devise) in an unforeseen circumstance where the tandem master is not able to deploy the parachute, this devise will automatically deploy the reserve parachute.

Check out our Learn to Skydive page. You will be able to read all about our Static line and AFF courses.

Yes your friends and family are welcome to come and support you on the day of your jump. There are areas on the Drop Zone that are prohibited to spectators so please look out for the signs demarcating the prohibited areas.

No we do not allow you to drink before your jump as your safety is important to us and we want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

The sensation of freefall is more like flying than falling. The parachute flight is quiet, inspiring and awesome!

It’s part of our human nature to be wary of the unknown, so you will defiantly feel a feeling of excited anticipation before your jump. This is a perfectly normal part of the skydiving experience. Our experienced tandem masters will put you at ease and during your jump you will feel a thrill that is indescribable. Enjoy your jump!

We upload your video and photos from your experience, to Google Drive. We then send you a link to download from Google Drive. We also sell a USB drive, if you would prefer to receive your video and photos on this media (This is an extra charge).