South Africa’s Most Scenic Skydive!

If you are looking for a tandem skydiving venue in South Africa, you are in the right place! Located in the small town of Parys, a mere 1 hour drive from Johannesburg, Skydive Parys offers the perfect venue for a weekend getaway that includes an exhilarating tandem skydiving experience! We have built a great reputation over the years as a reputable and professional venue for skydiving in South Africa!

What Are You Looking to Do?

Tandem Skydiving

Are you a first-time skydiver? Tandem skydiving makes it possible for everyone to experience the thrill of free fall safely and securely, no previous experience necessary! We’ll team you up with one of our highly experienced tandem skydiving instructors and you’ll be trained and ready to jump in less than an hour. Sounds amazing right?

Learn to Skydive

Are you ready to skydive solo? Take to the skies on your own! Well, we’ve got great news – you can train under the experienced team at Skydive Parys! Skydive Parys is proud to announce that we have launched our own learn to skydive program. Students of our program have the opportunity to train and learn from the best in the industry.

Fun Jumpers

Are you an experienced skydiver? Skydive Parys welcomes all licensed fun jumpers to visit our dropzone and become part of our skydiving community. Our close proximity to Johannesburg and Pretoria and our stunning views over the Vaal river make us an ideal location for sport jumping. Learn more about our facilities, landing area, and lift ticket prices.

Photo & Video Gallery

Latest News

Interested in learning more about skydiving? Have a lot of questions before making your first jump? Considering becoming a licensed skydiver? You’ve come to the right place! Our experienced team has created a collection of skydiving articles designed to inform and answer our students’ most common questions. View the articles below to learn more about skydiving, safety, training, upcoming events and information about our community in Parys.