Jumping out of an aeroplane from 10 000 – 11 000 feet in the air is an adrenalin-filled experience that you will never forget. With all the technical maneuvers in the hands of your tandem master, all you need to do is enjoy the freefall and the flying.

We’ll start with some basic training and information on the ground so that you are confident about your safety and know what to expect. Then it’s simply a matter of hopping into the turbine aeroplane and enjoying the flight up to freefall altitude (which is around 10 000 – 11 000 feet above ground level). This usually takes about twenty minutes, and during this time you can ask any remaining questions while your tandem master begins his final checks before the jump. Every tandem master has at least over 1000 skydives under their belt and you are in the best hands possible.

Excitement will now be at an all-time high as you sit on the edge of the plane with the door wide open. On the count of three you jump out and the sheer thrill hits you as you experience the sensation of falling. This isn’t just any fall – we are talking 220 kilometers per hour for around 35 seconds.

The wind will rush against your body and it will sound incredibly loud. Your clothes will be flapping and you will feel your goggles push against your face. It is, quite literally, a rush!

At around 5000 feet your tandem master will open the parachute and you can start enjoying a slow five-minute descent, taking in the view of the Vaal River and perhaps even helping to steer the parachute if you are confident enough. You will be able to talk to your tandem master during this glide down and he will make sure that you are comfortable and enjoying the ride. You can choose to come down gently and slowly, or you can opt for a few spins in the air.

The specially designed parachute is made to carry the weight of two people, and there is naturally a reserve chute as well. This can even be automatically activated by a device in an extreme emergency, so there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Ironically, however, the landing is what tends to frighten first-time jumpers the most, and it shouldn’t be. You will touch the ground really lightly, and it will feel much like taking a seat in a chair or taking a step off a curb. There is minimal impact and usually the first words after a jump are, “Let’s do that again!”

Once you are safely on the ground you will be able to have a look at video footage of your jump and can also immediately upload images to social media to brag about what you have done. It’s an experience impossible to match and one you will be talking about for many years to come.

Skydive Parys is proud to offer you this incredible opportunity in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.